25 Years of Classic Movies 25 Years of Classic Movies


Create a video of YOU dedicating a favorite TCM Classic Movie to a special
person in your life for a chance to introduce the film – handpicked by you – on TCM with Ben.
Twenty five fans will be chosen as a part of our 25th Anniversary Celebration in 2019.

Submit Your Video

By November 16, 2018

To Be Considered – create an original 90-second video of YOU dedicating one of your favorite TCM Classics. Make sure that YOUR VIDEO:

  1. 1 Shares the classic movie you would like to introduce and why it resonates with you.
  2. 2 Shares the person you would like to dedicate it to and why.
  3. 3 Shares the connection to this special person and this movie.
    We want to hear your story!
  4. 4 Is uploaded to the platform of your choice (ex. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo) and share your link via the form on this page to enter.

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